Everyday is live music day

For anyone that finds waking up early hard, or that considers the end of the day a sacred moment, Canal180 prescribes live music sessions recorded around the world with the most talented artists of the moment.

On April, from Monday to Friday, at 9h30 AM or at 8h30 PM. The order is as follows: ‘Room 205’, a collaboration between musicians and directors recorded in an abandoned hotel in LA, is on Monday. On Tuesday we’re in Lithuania for the series ‘Vilnius Temperature’, which invites musicians to use the city as their stage.

‘Videoteca Bodyspace’, a Portuguese series with the purpose of taking the musicians’ creativity away from the studios, is on Wednesday.

On Thursday, not to be missed is the British ‘4Eyes Sessions’ series, recognized by recording companies and the press for the quality of their sessions.

On Friday, the week ends with the popular ‘The Wild Honey Pie’, an American music publication that is committed to filming the bands it loves, and they always have good taste. aćgbs  ąlf  ę ł ń ó ś ź ż