California is a Place

California is loaded. From Disneyland to farmland, it’s got Scientology and superstars, Silicon and silicone, crips and bloods. The border. Krumpin’ Clownin’ Jerkin’. The surf and the turf. The boom and the bust. California is humanity run amuck and then packaged, branded and sold. California Cuisine, California Love, California Casual, California Gold, California Girls, and of course, California Dreams. If it exists in the world, it exists there and it does so with pizzaz.

‘California is a place’ is born here. The project was created by filmmaker Drea Cooper and photographer Zackary Canepary, who in 2009 decided it was time to work together full-time documenting what was going on around them. Funded by both of them and filmed in a documentary style, it’s an ongoing series of short films about the Golden State. Stay tuned.

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