Wasted Rita

Wasted Rita, how she is now known, was born in Oporto, Portugal, in 1988. Right now Lisbon is her base but she admits that what she really loves is to travel and, if she could, she would spend a week in a city and then move on.

As graphic designer and illustrator, her main goal is to provoke. In order to do that she uses sarcasm in all of her work. Wasted Rita is inspired by daily basis situations she notices along her routine and that she explores at home. Sense of humour and honesty are also some factors that distinguish her art.

“Human Beings – God’s Only Mistake” is one of her latest works and takes you to an intimate journey to Wasted Rita’s universe. She considers herself as an “emotional terrorist and agent provocateur” and shares her observations and thoughts about different topics: contemporary, popular and erudite culture, theories and clichés on society, (im)morality and the complexity of hman behaviour.

Magazines, books, art and graphic design websites are some examples of where Wasted Rita’s work can be seen.