Vincent Moon

Director made famous by the series of music video “Take away shows” from Blogotheque. Filmed over 120 videos (Bon Iver, R.E.M., Arcade Fire, Sigur Rós, The National, Sufjan Stevens, etc.), following an approach of a single “take” has became a worldwide reference for choosing unusual sets for filming bands performing in an elevator, on the bus or in the middle of a garden. His main influences come from the experimental cinema from Brakhage to Tscherkassky, and ethnographic cinema: Jean Rouch and Robert Gardner.

For the last years, Vincent Moon has been making experimental filmes and documentaries. He has been living on the road since December 2008, exploring and recording traditional music, religious rituals, relationships between music and trance in five continents. These ‘experimental ethnography’ films, released through his ‘nomadic label’ Collection Petites Planètes – currently exhibited on Canal180 – mark a departure from his earlier line of work on alternative and indie music scenes. He now works alone or with people he finds on the road, and most of the time without money involved in the projects, trying to produce and distribute films without following the established industry standards.

Watch the 180ID Vincent Moon below, a mini doc shot by Canal180 during the director’s visit to Porto.