Sam The Kid

Sam The Kid (1979) is the successful and prominent portuguese rapper /producer that everyone heard.
Released his first album in 1999, Entre(tanto), considered by many a brand of Hip-Hop portuguese culture. Two years later comes the second, Sobre(tudo), developer of a breakthrough and musical maturity.
Also in 2001 released an instrumental album titled Beats Vol 1: Amor. Using resources such as vinyl records, novels, videos, and recorded telephone calls, Samuel Mira created a superb and unique audiophilic world, inspired by the love of his parents, to whom he dedicated the album.
The rapper also participated as an actor and producer in the film “The Crime of Padre Amaro” (2005).
At December 8, 2006 comes Practica(mente). Highly anticipated and expected, this latest album features a number of Portuguese artists: Melo D, Cool Hipnoise, Lil John Buraka Som Sistema, Kalaf, Jack Cruzfader, NBC, GQ and Carlos Bica.
Practica(Mente) is the first work that the rapper recorded in the studio, all the others were recorded at home.