Miguel A. Trudu

In love with time travel, this young Spanish director, screenwriter and editor, began making short films with just 13. Began the process of creating a mockumentary called “Broadcasting Myself” that has given him many joys, through contests and it has been selected for the Festival de Cine de Málaga. He studied argument at the prestigious Escuela Internacional de Cine de Cuba. Spending those last years in Madrid, where he studied Communication Sciences, he met, worked and lived with Alberto Navas (camera, editor), Julio Llorente (director of photography, camera), Diego Betancor (director, screenwriter) and Blanca Martinez (director of art). He currently works as an editor of short films, documentaries and music videos to EMI Music and he is linked to the processes of post-production of the series “Lost Bullets” also, co-directed and written with Ignacio Ramos and produced by Cornejo Films.