Layzell Bros.

The Layzell Bros. are Paul and Matt Layzell. They are responsible for an outlandish series of idents on channel E4, which explored the topic of Christmas with mildly disturbing, chaotic and darkly humorous results. They have continued to produce work for E4, including title sequences and animated idents for the shows ‘Skins’ and ‘Slacker’s Club’.

Brothers Matt and Paul have also made a splash in the world of music videos and have developed a continuing collaboration with Mazes, including the much celebrated music video for ‘Most Days’, which tells the story of a group of skater kids getting rowdy in a bubblegum cartoon world.

They have also collaborated with Adam Buxton for his series on Sky Atlantic HD, directing a psychedelic animated music video to accompany his cover of Tiny Tim’s ‘Livin In The Sunlight, Lovin In The Moonlight’, which was named Best In Book at the 2013 Creative Review Annual Awards. They are currently developing a show for Cartoon Network and have recently created a hilarious short film entitled ‘Future Travel’ for Fox’s new late night animation slot, ADHD (Animation Domination High Def).

The Layzell Bros. love to work across a wide range of platforms, incorporating illustration, animation, sculpture, t-shirt printing, publishing and live visuals. Their work is fresh, colourful and vital.

Watch below the short documentary 180ID Layzell Bros. produced by Canal180.