Lara Seixo Rodrigues

Lara Seixo Rodrigues (1981) is an architect and in 2003 founded, with her brother, the studio Seixo Rodrigues Arquitectos, responsible for Amo.te chain projects from some points of the country.
But the dream of Lara was never just build houses. One day, for fun, the brothers decided to buy a machine to make badges. Was then that came Kraxas, a company that makes tissue badges with collections of several countries, and has nearly launched two special lines: one cork and another made ​by guest artists.
Also prove that Lara can not imagine herself with only one profession is the Wool Fest. In the historic center of Covilhã, people talk about the portrait of the old man, painted in a house, which the artist Spanish (Catalan) BTOY carved on the side of a house. Wool is a festival of street art, but not only. It is also an art project, an attempt rehabilitation and intervention in the city.