Jonathan Calugi

Jonathan is a young illustrator hailing from Pistoia, Italy. It’s nearly impossible to not recognize his signature style: what at first appears to be a child-like doodling, a closer look will reveal a world of intricate, carefully crafted patterns and eccentric geometric forms.

«Jonathan’s illustrations create worlds that lend themselves to multilayered storytelling,» says Adam Flanagan of 160 over 90 and who selected Calugi for the De’ Longhi Artista Series. Trees, faces, birds and even water taps give way to playfully hidden words or letters. As Jonathan puts it, «It’s like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Each time, you can find a surprise.»

Jonathan’s world encompasses anything from fonts to t-shirts, and never fails to send out a positive, encouraging message – a stark contrast with what can be a messy and rather perplexing world at times. He won the New Visual Artist 2010 award by Print Magazine.

Among his lists of clients there are brands like Nike Europe, Sony UK, Gold, Noodlepark, We Form, 9volt, Faro Giocattoli, Apple, Tres Tinatas, Nikita, Imgs, Electunes, Feltrinelli, among others.

Jonathan Calugi was one of the artists present at 180 Creative Lab Guimarães 2013, 180 Creative Camp Abrantes 2014 and 180 Creative Camp Salento 2014. Watch below the 180ID about this illustrator, directed by Canal180.