Iván Bravo

Iván Bravo was born in Barcelona, and it was there that he grew up and became an artist. The responsible for the discovery of his vocation was comics, that he consumed compulsively. Illustrator and visual artist, refers to himself as someone who measures 1.72cm tall and likes to walk with a A3 block under his arm.

His work reflects a humorous side, balanced with more political and social references. Iván worked for various brands and publications, but its most emblematic work was the creation of three cans for Coca-Cola, which illustrated emblematic monuments of Catalonia. Covering the walls of the restaurant Icasual, in Barcelona, with a hand painted mural of 120m² was another of his creative exponents.

Iván Bravo was one of the invited artists for the first international edition of 180 Creative Camp, in San Vito dei Noramnni, in Salento, south of Italy. Watch the 180ID about this illustrator, directed by Canal180.