Hiro Murai

Hiro Murai is a Tokyo-born filmmaker based ouf of Los Angeles. He has directed a bunch of music videos and commercials. Using his background in cinematography, VFX and illustration, he has directed music videos for The Shins, Frank Ocean, St. Vincent, B.o.B, Bloc Party and many others. His commercial work include spots for Scion, Juicy Fruit, and Nokia.

Hiro is also a founder of Bonnie Brae: an edit & VFX house, and an all-purpose hub for filmmakers and digital artists. On his free time, he likes to start paintings and not finish them.


Watch below some of the works by Hiro Murai, including a music video for artist Mac DeMarco shot in Portugal and produced by Canal 180, and a short documentary about the director also produced by our team.