Florentijn Hofman

Florentijn Hofman was born in Delfzil, a city in the north of the Netherlands, back in 1977. His work settle in something that is never forgotten in any of his works: hugeness. Humor. Sensation. Maximum impact.

Everything he does is big: is gigantic. XXL sculptures that pop up in cities from all around the world and that want their presence to be noticed. The ideas come up from daily objects, whether we’re talking about a rubber duck or a toy monkey. Shapes fascinate the artist who wants to alienate the space where sculptures are being shown. The discomfort of who is looking at it.

If for most artists the public’s reaction is not a concern, for Florentijn Hofman is an essential part of the job: his intention is that his art makes people smile.

Florentijn Hofman was at 180 Creative Camp Abrantes 2014, where he turned one of the town’s landmarks into a a Play-Doh doll. Watch the  180ID about this artist, directed by Canal180.