Esgar Acelerado

Esgar Acelerado graduated in painting at the School of Fine Arts in Porto. He owns the LowFly Records label, where he represented the likes of Bonnie Prince Billy (Will Oldham), Jad Fair, Anomoanon, Clockwork or US Forretas Ocultos.

He signed the scripts of the weekly strips Superfuzz for BLITZ, which are gathered by Devir in an album. He created illustrations, comic strops and design for several publications, among them Diário de Notícias, Expresso, Diário Económico, Mondo Bizarre, BLITZ, Luke, Stripburguer, Público, Vozes, DIF, Inútil ou 365, and was several time featured on the Portuguese Illustration Catalogues.

Mentor at the CRU magazine, Esgar was also one of the artists of the ArtVortex studios along with illustrator Rui Ricardo. He produced album covers (for several international labels), posters and paintings. He is represented in private collections in Portugal, New Zealand, USA, Canada, The Netherland, Japan, Germany, UK and France. He likes to draw, watch black and white films and listen to rock’n’roll records.

Watch the mini-doc 180ID Esgar Acelerado, directed by Canal180.