David Wilson

David Wilson is a music video director based in London. One of the industry’s most inspiring young directors, David is equally gifted in animation and live action. Each project he undertakes is defined by a desire to create a new and memorable experience, and he is blessed with a talent for transforming the ordinary into the sublime.

Since being named Best New Director at the 2009 UK Music Video Awards, David has had a strong hand in defining a new era in music videos with promos for artists including Tame Impala, The Maccabees, Passion Pit, Keaton Henson, Moray McLaren and David Guetta.

David has worked with leading international brands including IKEA, Guinness, Cancer Research and Nokia, earning several distinctions worldwide. He has also collaborated with some of the most innovative companies and creative platforms around, including The Creator’s Project and Channel 4.

Watch below the 180ID David Wilson – directed by Canal180 and selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick – that was recently adapted for the series Director ID, in partnership with Pitchfork.