Andreas Johnsen

Andreas Johnsen (Denmark, 1974) is one of the greatest representatives of a new generation of directors that travel all over the world looking for new stories to tell.

With eight films in his curriculum, produced during his frequent overseas travels between Europe-America-Africa, the director explores various cultural phenomena from the perspective of someone that isn’t afraid to immerse deep into different communities and their people.

Through new aesthetic languages and narrative constructions, and without indulging in technical devices, Andreas Johnsen focuses on themes as varied as the digital revolution of the last few years in Europe and in the United States (in ‘Good Copy, Bad Copy’), the rise of new forms of artistic expressions, like graffiti (in ‘Inside Outside’), and specific cultural demonstrations and idiosyncrasies, like the Jamaican dance hall (in ‘Man Ooman’) or the Brazilian funk (in ‘Mr Catra’).

Andreas Johnsen has made an unique journey into the universe of documentary cinema, showing a rare ability to expose and share the real characters and contexts in a faithful and rhythmic way.


Watch below a short documentary about Andreas Johnsen produced by Canal 180.