Ana Aragão

“Ana Aragão (Porto, 1984) is an architect who became an illustrator. Degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto, studied, worked and lived also in Barcelona. It monitors the FAUP and has teaching experience at the Department of Architecture of Coimbra, where he conducts his doctoral degrees on the representation of urban imaginary.
Author of illustrations for magazines (Dédalu, Nu), events (Pecha Kucha Guimarães #1, Canal 180, Oporto Show), our books (“The Missing Dolll”, Berlin). She exhibited in group exhibitions (Anuárias, Colectivo Cooperativa Árvore, Get Set Art Festival, VHS#17 Galeria 604) and individual space Dínamo 10. His work was published in P3 and archdaily Brazil, with its themes intersect art and architecture.
Making visible their imaginary cities, explores an emotional cartography maps, where the complexity and unusual overlap in layers psychogeographical. Their “anagrafias” are subjective and intricate geographies that require to be decoded by looking at the delay. Because the designs they want to be endless maps, a disturbing questioning the true scale of things and place, alternating between zooming between the smallest detail and the way that it contains.”