180 Creative Camp is a creativity event developed by Canal180 – award-wining art & culture TV channel based in Portugal – that gathers in the same place several artists from different different nationalities and fields, including music, design, video, photography, urban art, architecture, and more.


The purpose of 180 Creative Camp is to promote collaborations in media arts, challenge the boundaries of content production and distribution and create a network that will provide new opportunities for emerging artists. After the editions in Vila Nova de Cerveira (2012) and Abrantes (2013 and July 2014), the 4th edition of 180 Creative Camp will take place in the Italian peninsula of Salento, from September 7th to 14th.


180 Creative Camp Salento 2014 is part of the program of the application of Italian city Lecce to the European Capital of Culture 2019 initiative and it is a contribution to the motto “Realizzare Eutopia”.


Iván Bravo

Principio Attivo Teatro

Compagnia Factory

Mattia Epifani

Barbara Toma

Alessandra Guttagliere


Fahr 021.3

Jonathan Calugi

Realizzare Eutopia


“Realize Eutopia” is the theme of 180 Creative Camp Salento 2014 and it is a call for action in search of a more united Europe with focus on the creation of networks that will allow new opportunities for the young people from the Italian cities of Taranto, Lecce and Brindisi.


Relating the young adult citizens from the peninsula of Salento with art in a non-conventional form, and, at the same time, transform the region in a privileged spot for innovation and creativity, are the main purposes of 180 Creative Camp Salento 2014.


After the themes of the past editions – “Think Big” (2013) and “The Power of Storytelling” (July 2014) – 180 Creative Camp is now united to the motto of the social innovation project Salento 2019, companion of the application of the Italian city of Lecce to the European Capital of Culture 2019 initiative.


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